Here goes nothing!

Hello!Y’all I am so excited! It’s been almost 4 years since I last blogged! You may not know this but I had another blog…in another lifetime 😉 ok well it feels like another lifetime! I actually use to blog a lot and I loved it, it was such a therapeutic outlet for me! So, 1 home based business and 3 children later, I finally have decided it’s time for me to start again! I even started with a fresh new blog woot woot because well so much has happened since our last blog that it felt like the right thing to do!

To be honest, you are going to see a TON of fitness/health posts at least at first because I am on a journey to health and being more fit so that I can do more things for my God and my family! I think blogging about it will be great accountability for me, a great outlet for me and who knows, I may just inspire someone along the way to do the same!

So feel free to follow me! I plan on blogging randomly about random things as I live this life, learning as I go, loving fiercely and leaning on my great amazing God for all that I need!

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