106 days to go!

My focus and primary reason why I want to get healthy is because I want to honor God in ALL I do and my eating has been a huge hinderance to that for a long time. I also feel like what Jim and I feel God is calling us to do next, requires me to be in good health so part of my obedience to God because of my love for Him and even more so, because of His love for me, I NEED to do this! So as the last blog post shared, I’m not even weighing myself and I’m not counting calories. This is more of a heart issue for me!

HOWEVER, goals and certain rewards are definitely fun along the way! So I decided to make a fun chart to hang on the wall in the LIVINGROOM! Yep, I said the livingroom! It may not look pretty but I see it several times a day and it is a constant reminder of my goals! So in August we are going to Alaska with Jim’s family and it’s been one of my top 5 places to go and so of course I am ecstatic about it! I want to do a lot of nature things including hiking, kayaking & more and so I want to be in much better shape than I am now! I have about 3 1/2 months until we go and so I made a chart that said 106 days until Alaska and my goal is to go those 106 days without added/processed sugar and gluten! Sugar causes such inflammation and issues in my body and even though I love it, it truly doesn’t love me and so I am going to mark off each day that I go without added/processed sugar! Gluten is something I’m not doing just because it’s trendy or “in” right now 😉 but I actually got tested and have a sensitivity to it! I feel so much better when I don’t eat it and so I’m going to go those 3 1/2 months without it as well! I want to see how my skin looks and feels and how I feel after doing this for 106 days! I’m curious! Plus the bonus is I will be well on my way to a healthier me inside & out and I can enjoy those hikes more!


I’ve gone without sugar and gluten before! I’ve done it for the most part of 3 months before and I remember how much better I felt! It was during a flare I had 2 years ago with my digestive/autoimmune issues! I’m looking forward to not having the cravings anymore as well, which I know will take a bit of time!

So here’s hoping come August 2nd I will be able to show you all the chart with all the X’s crossed through each day and I can say I officially made it 106 days without added/processed sugar and gluten! DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVORITE DISHES that are sugar/gluten free that you’d love to share? Share them below!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all that the Lord is doing through this and what you’re working towards! Sounds like an amazing trip & even more so the victory of overcoming old patterns that are you a challenging by God’s grace! Continuing to cheer for you and pray for you in this journey!! 💜

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  2. Yay!! SOO exciting! As you know, I’m also GF. I was tested for Celiac’s BC the doc doesn’t think I have Crohns but Celiac’s. 😢 But that’s OK…Gluten is good for anyone really. I thought I was gonna have the hardest time cutting it out but it wasn’t hard at all. I mean, during my detox, I wanted bread or chips and I have a GF version now and then but I got through it and I’m thriving now. I feel so good and it all started BC I wanted to heal my body from the inside out! You’ve totally got this! I’m so excited for you!! 😘

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