One month in!

So it’s been officially a month come tomorrow since I started on this journey of honoring God with what I eat and trying to get healthy! The first week and a half didn’t go as well because Jim was in Haiti and I stayed with my parents and I didn’t plan well but alas I kept going! It’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve really been working hard at it! Things are going well and day by day I am breaking free from these chains that have held me in bondage with food! I know I have the victory in Christ already so day by day I remind myself of that, I keep close to Him and press on! I decided early on that I was NOT going to use the scale. You see in the past, I would get excited when I saw loss and then kind of let go a bit and say “Oh I can handle this little bit of treating myself b/c I’ve done great, look at my results” but then it would make me fall back in and start the vicious cycle all over again OR I’d see a no loss or even a gain and get so discouraged I’d just give up and cheat. So I decided this time, it is more about a heart issue with me and honoring God with my food and body than it is what I weigh so I have not stepped on the scale once, not even the first day! I decided this journey is about SO MUCH MORE THAN A NUMBER! So I am basing this on how my clothes feel, how I feel, my energy levels, my puffiness in face going down and most of all my mindset and heart behind each choice.

This past weekend I did GREAT for a weekend but I did do a bit more than I normally would during the week. Weekends are hard right? You are with family, you are having fun, the weather was great…so it made me happy and I am an emotional eater! When I’m happy…LET’S celebrate and eat ;), when I’m sad, let’s be sad and eat to cheer us up, when I’m bored, hey let’s eat to give us something to do. haha. It’s sad but at least I know I’m like that! I was so proud of myself because we went out to Panera with my niece and her friend but I got their fresh grilled chicken salad and an apple! GO ME! 😉 Then the boys wanted to go to Menchies and so instead of totally depriving myself since (it was the weekend and I hadn’t had a treat yet). I decided to test my portion control (something I also struggle with) and so I got the smallest amount of frozen yogurt I’ve EVER gotten in my life and it was just one plain flavor with a small amount of sprinkles for color 😉 It was probably just a few bites but it was so worth it to me. I savored every bite!

Fast forward to the rest of the weekend….THAT SUGAR….came back to bite me in the butt! It introduced those cravings again. I need…no I MUST learn to control having a treat every so often and then getting back to normal healthy eating and ignoring those cravings until they go away again. This is a journey and that is one of the things I am so determined to overcome and be able to achieve because before I was always an all or nothing person! I still ate healthy for the most part but I ate a few cereal bars yesterday and woke up this morning and was going to eat another cereal bar and then get fast food for lunch saying oh it’s just once and i’ll be good again tomorrow. Then (I know it was God) stopped me and made me realize this is how it always happened before and I’d say it would be just one day but it would turn into another and another. So by God’s amazing grace and strength, I decided not to eat that cereal bar and realize I CANNOT eat those b/c of the sugar and carbs and how they keep those cravings in me. I decided to eat very healthy for lunch and GUESS WHAT Y’ALL when I overcame that temptation, my mindset totally changed and I’m back strong again!!!! How amazing is that…GOD is so good! (On a side note I want to make my own healthy cereal bars for my son who is obsessed with them so I won’t be tempted by the store bought ones anymore)

So overall, I am doing great and making better choices each day! We are eating things like spaghetti squash spaghetti with low sugar natural sauce and lean beef, turkey chili, chicken and veggies, turkey italian sausage and veggies, tacos with fresh salsa, wrapped in lettuce etc! I would LOVE more simple ideas like that as I am not a cook so if you have any you’d like to share please do in the comments! I put my pants on the other day and realized it was much easier buttoning them WOOT WOOT! That was an awesome feeling! I am slowly starting to notice my face puffiness (i gain and lose first in my face always) getting less! So day by day…I give this to Him and I keep going! Thanks for walking this journey with me!

April (3)

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  1. You are moving forward in God’s strength!!! Well done at pressing on, friend!!

    2 Samuel 22:30-31 For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall. This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

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  2. Yes! This is exactly it…And why I love The Daniel Plan (TDP) so much…Its ALL about honoring God with our choices, etc.

    Did you take pics? That’s another great way to show your improvements as well.

    Great job, April. I used to be an all or nothing type of girl too but, since I started TDP, it’s gone! I now take it choice by choice!! 😃

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  3. April! We have so much in common!!! I love how you have decided to not weigh yourself and measure your success in a different way. I struggle with that too; once I see then number go down, I want to “treat” myself and like you said,,the cycle begins. I am learning that I allow myself to eat whatever I want when I become stressed; I had to stop and “reset” by telling myself, “stress will always come my way” I need to continue to move forward into what God has for me. Moving forward means,,being accountable on what I eat. What I eat is going to have an influence on my feelings,,I don’t want to miss out on what God has for me. If I am down about what I just ate or about the extra pounds I put on this week,,I am not connected to God,,I can’t hear Him clearly. Got to move forward!

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