One word that means so much!

Obedience! Honestly, when you first look at that word, it’s not the most popular word right 😉 Depending on how someone grew up, may also change the way they feel when they see this word. When I first realized God may be working on my heart about this certain word, I was hesitant because I knew in my heart there were areas that definitely needed to work on with the whole obedience thing! I am so grateful that we have an amazing God that see’s deep inside of us, see’s all of us, knows how we work, think, feel, react and respond. He ever so gently through the past few years worked on my heart about obedience. He didn’t have too, I didn’t deserve that but that’s how much He loves me! Honestly, I didn’t even quite get the full scoop of it until more recently and I’m sure I have a long ways to go with it as well!

There are a few areas in my life He is teaching me obedience! One of those areas is FEAR. I have always been a person who worries but I believe it was escalated when we lost our 5 precious ones through 1st trimester miscarriage and then delivered Annabelle our sweet baby girl who was stillborn. Since then, I have struggled with it and God has helped me so much but I do have a ways to go with it. I know it doesn’t seem right off the bat that fear and obedience would go together but somehow at least for me, they do! Here recently He is showing me that through my obedience to Him and remembering WHO He is, His promises in His word and how I can trust Him…He is turning my fear into faith. He is reminding me as I obey Him more by getting to know Him more, spending more time with Him, that truly His perfect love DOES cast out fear.

To take it a step further, He is now showing me that through obeying Him, no matter how scary or unknown the journey ahead may be. No matter what He calls our family to do, as I walk by FAITH and not by sight…I have NOTHING to fear because well…His word says it so many times and so clearly…HE WILL BE WITH US WHEREVER WE GO! Joshua 1:9, He actually commands us to be strong and courageous and to not be AFRAID! How awesome is that! 17390387_10212252024433243_3346426277672262454_o

I love how He knows our weaknesses and the areas that we haven’t fully given to Him yet and doesn’t give up on us with those areas! I love how He is growing me in Obedience but not just in one area but how it all comes together for one thing! Let me explain…

So my main areas of obedience I believe He is working on me in is letting go of FEAR, trusting Him for our FUTURE and what we feel He is calling us to do, & getting HEALTHY so that I can do more for His kingdom! HOWEVER….I am LOVING how through my study and time with Him, He is showing that ALL of these things come back around to one thing….WORSHIP! However, not in the way we automatically assume. We are not just talking about when we go to church and sing y’all, we are talking about how in all we do, living our lives as worship to Him! In the book I’m reading called “How to Worship a King” By Zach Neese, he shares this “The internal expression of worship is LOVE and the outward expression of worship is OBEDIENCE.” He goes on to say, “The cross motivates both our internal and external expressions of worship. Worship is a response to what Jesus did for us on the cross.” WOW! How awesome is that!

So the main thing He is showing my heart is that the more I get to know Him, the more I seek Him, study His word etc….the more I will want to obey Him in all areas of my life and I do that BECAUSE I LOVE HIM! This becomes my act of worship to Him in ALL I do! My LOVE for Him makes me want to then OBEY Him in all areas of my life more simply because I WANT to do these things. This is WORSHIP! ❤

I’ll leave you with a few lines from one of my favorite songs.

“You split the sea so I could walk right through it. My fears were drowned in perfect love. You rescued me and I will stand and sing, I am a child of God…I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.” – No longer slaves by Jonathan & Melissa Helser

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  1. I love how you share your heart & what God is teaching you. You paint a beautiful picture with your words & I’ve always admired your heart for worship! Continuing to pray for you. I look forward to checking out the song, No Longer Slaves.

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