health vs. business

What seems so odd to me is how all the practices, mindsets etc and hard work I put into my business, I don’t do the same for my health? Why is that?

I was thinking about how in my business (I work for a children’s publishing company where I get to work from home as an educational consultant) I strive to keep my mindset positive. I focus on making sure my mindset is strong and I view myself as someone who CAN and WILL do this task/goal set ahead of me. I make sure my mindset is set on growth and changing no matter how many hurdles get in my way. I look at something that may have went bad or not as good as I hoped and I learn from it, I move on and I focus on the future events I have knowing those will be better!

I also continually set goals for myself in my business. I set a goal and then I set out and make a plan to accomplish it. I break it down into little steps and prep it all out. Once I achieve that goal I don’t stay there, I set a new one. If I don’t get the goal, I don’t let it defeat me to the point that I give up. I just reach for a new goal knowing that even though I didn’t reach the previous one, by me trying, it still helped further my business.

I continually train myself by reading books for my position in my field (mainly leadership books), I go to trainings or hold trainings for myself and my team. This is to keep my mind fresh, focused and excited about what I’m doing!

I don’t dwell on the negative in my business. I don’t dwell on the things that go bad. Instead, I dust it off and move on knowing better things are ahead. I wake up and plan for the day to be even better than the next. I focus on moving forward instead of staying where I’m at just because of a set back.

WHY IN THE WORLD CAN I NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS FOR MY HEALTH? HELLO APRIL! šŸ˜‰ Like seriously though, it bugs me that I can be so focused in my business, set goals and achieve them and keep a strong mindset but I cannot when it comes to my health! This is something I need to dive into more, pray about and figure out why!

Maybe I just need to start treating my health like my business. Maybe I need to wake up each day and think ok what would I do for my business if it was in poor condition or just in general, what am I doing to keep my business doing well? Then I need to apply those questions to my health! I need to not only set a goal but I need to break it down into steps and prep for it! I need to focus on the GOOD I do for my health instead of the negative. I need to focus on the future, preventing disease, better quality of life, doing more things with my family and for my God instead of focusing on the negative and day to day hardships of missing certain foods. If I have a rough day, I need to jump right over the hurdle and be ok with it like I am with my business and MOVE ON instead of letting it completely derail me!

So today I am going to be talking with God about this and I am going to really sit down and figure out my goals, my plans, my steps and my prep for this! If I can do this with my business, I WILL do this for my health!

April (3)

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  1. April what a neat way to think of your health like a business. I really appreciate you taking the time to write because it is giving me a better understanding of what changes I need to make as well. I look forward to reading more and learning more. I need to stop worrying about how I failed in the past and stop focusing on the negativity and move on as well!! Blessings to you, Tiffany E.

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    1. So glad to hear I’m not alone! I wish they were not such a hard thing for me but I know we all have our own “hard” things and I know honestly it’s going to come down to my obedience in honoring God in ALL I do and I struggle so hard in the area of food!


  2. I love how you made these parallels! Mindset & focus are so vital!! I can relate to what you shared about business & health! By God’s grace we move forward! You are doing this & it’s inspiring!!


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